Home Remedies against High Carpet Cleaning Prices

You don’t really have to worry about a few bucks to pay for Carpet Cleaning Prices if you really want total cleaning and makeover for your floors. Career men and women who spend all their time working would rather look for cleaning companies to handle this stuff for them. However, for those who have enough time to spend for their homes, it is but practical to clean their carpets with their own hands using materials that are found right in their own homes.

Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Guide

You will need to prepare a broom, vacuum cleaner, borax, cornmeal, baking soda, vinegar, natural detergent and a carpet cleaning machine.

  • Sweep off the carpet to get rid of loose dirt and to allow the fibers to be lifted. You can vacuum the carpet right after.
  • To create a carpet powder that could remover stubborn stains, try mixing two parts of cornmeal and one part of borax. This mixture prevents the thriving of molds and deodorizes the carpet. If the stale odor is much too strong to be overshadowed by the mixture, you can use baking soda instead.
  • Sprinkle the mixture to the target area and wait for an hour before you vacuum it once more. This should have removed the dirt odor and light stains which were unsuccessfully eradicated by the initial vacuuming.
  • If certain stains and spots are still left after vacuuming for the second time, you can now turn to equal parts of water and vinegar as substitute for Carpet Cleaning Prices products. You can also substitute this mixture with salt and lemon juice. You can start stain-removing scrubs in some dark areas of the carpet including those under the closet and in the corners of the house. Use a carpet brush to prevent distorting the color or the fiber.

Precautionary Reminders:

You need to check on carpet cleaners that can be rented out in grocery stores and hard wares along with those Carpet Cleaning Prices products. If you happen to have already rented one, you make sure you get the permission to use home remedies with the machine instead of commercially sold cleaning solutions. Moreover, if you use borax, you need to keep it away from children’s reach because this substance is a toxin that could lead to eye irritation and poisoning if swallowed. Finally, try to infuse dry treatment all the time to keep the carpet fresh and clean.